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Borough Council Election 2019

It has been a pleasure serving the residents and taxpayers of Mechanicsburg Borough over nearly eight years. Over that time, I'm confident that I have been able to drive positive change, by contributing a new, fresh and younger perspective. Additionally, I have always been committed to asking tough questions and acting in the best interest of taxpayers.

On November 5th, I ask for your consideration at the polls for another term. I will continue to fight for taxpayers, work for a more efficient/effective/responsive local government, a safe walkable community with a vibrant downtown, and continue to advocate for greater transparency & participation.

For your consideration, you can find my answers to Voters Guide Questions here:

The Patriot News -

The Carlisle Sentinel -

Polls are open on Tues., Nov. 5th from 7AM to 8PM. Find your polling place here.

On election night visit this link to view LIVE election returns as I visit the polls after they close and record the results.

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