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Council President & New Council

Last evening the new Council was sworn in for the term of 2022-2023. There are three new members including Ron O'Neil, Bob Buhrig and Laura Martin. Joe Bucher who was appointed to fill a vacancy on Council was re-elected to a full term and was also sworn in last night. Returning members of Council are myself, John Anthony and Sara Agerton.

After the new Council was sworn-in the Mayor presided over the selection of Council leadership. I was honored to be nominated and voted unanimously as Council President. John Anthony was selected as Council Vice President. Sara Agerton was appointed as President Pro-Tempore. After being escorted by the Mayor to my seat as Council President, it was my duty to assign the seating for the rest of Council.

Additionally, during the reorganization meeting as Council President, I appointed Council members to Committees and assigned Committee Chairs. Below is a chart of the committee appointments.

I am honored and excited to begin this new leadership role on Council! We have a lot of work to do to move Mechanicsburg forward.

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