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PASSED: Revisions to Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance & Special Events

On July 2nd, Borough Council unanimously passed revisions to a series of ordinances that will allow consumption of alcohol at permitted street-side cafes and approved special events.

Ordinance 1160 - Modified the Borough Ordinance to Allow Open

sidewalk Cafes.

Ordinance 1161- Amended Regulations for the Public Consumption

and Service of Alcoholic Beverages at Specified Events.

Ordinance 1162 - Revised the Open Container Regulations

Pertaining to Alcoholic Beverages.

In February of 2019, I proposed these changes to Council with the goal of making Mechanicsburg Borough competitive with other local municipalities and communities. The Borough's Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance was last revised in 1979, 40 years ago! A lot has changed since that time in the economic landscape of the restaurant, beverage and event industries as well as PA Laws surrounding the sale of alcohol.

My goals proposed to Council in suggesting to change the ordinances were:

  • Give businesses and event planners the opportunity and greater flexibility to decide how to best attract and serve their customers

  • Look at a way to increase pedestrian traffic and visibility downtown

  • Lower the barrier to entry to create an outdoor cafe with a non-permanent structure, allowing business owners greater opportunity to take advantage of an important part of the restaurant/cafe market - outdoor seating

  • Bring Mechanicsburg up-to-date with surrounding and similar municipalities

  • Continue to make the Borough an attractive place to open a business

  • Improve opportunities for special events such as beer & wine festivals

If you have interest in utilizing a street-side cafe with alcoholic beverage service/BYOB or want to set up a special event with alcohol consumption, contact the Borough Manager for the necessary applications and permits.

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